• Over 65 years of demonstrated success in the gates industry.
  • Expansive 450,000 square feet manufacturing facility.
  • 15,000 installations in over 35 countries.
  • All Gates fabricated using highly trained AWS certified welders.
  • NSF Certified.
  • Gate Sealing proven for 25,000 cycles. EACH gate is shop tested before it leaves our facility.
  • U.S Installations include New York City DEP.
  • Gate Quick Ship Program!
  • Service Technicians at site at 1-2 day notice.


Jash Engineering Limited is an ISO-9001:2008 company manufacturing wide range of equipment for Water Intake Systems, Water and Waste Water Pumping Stations and Treatment Plants, Storm Water Pumping Stations, Water Transmission Lines, Power, Steel, Cement, Paper & Pulp, Petrochemicals, Chemical, Fertilizers and other process plants.

These equipment are Water control gates, Mechanized screening systems, Screening conveying and washing systems, Knife gate valves, Water hammer control valves, Energy dissipating valves, Archimedes screw pumps, Micro hydro turbines, Clarifiers, Clariflocculators, Flash Mixers, Degritters, Aerators, Thickeners, Gravity Decanters, Trickling Filters, Digester Mixers, DAF Units and solid handling valves.

Over 65 years of excellence & growth

Since its inception in 1948, jash has charted a path of excellence and growth. Investment in technically superior facility for design, manufacture & testing of products and upgrading technology from time to time has enabled jash to excel in its operations.

Developing new products and enhancing capabilities so as to manufacture largest of size in every possible material of construction has brought in growth. This excellence and growth has enabled jash to become a major player in many markets worldwide and sell its products to over 35 countries.


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